Fall Greetings from Marcela Mandeville: Back to Reality, Back to Business.

For most, Labour Day - the unofficial end of summer – is bitter sweet. It is the last big hoorah of summer, but it also represents “back to reality and back to business.” I personally am excited about what is to come for the rest of 2017. These past few months I have noticed an energy picking up – business in Alberta is buzzing and there is great opportunity for growth. For AWE and our clients, now is the time to seize those opportunities and focus on building for the future, which is why we are launching a new cohort for our PeerSpark™ program in early October.

AWE’s PeerSpark™ program is a peer-focused support system for female business owners who are ready to scale their business. Our interactive program provides the knowledge, skills and tools you need to build and implement business growth strategies and tactics, with the support of like-minded entrepreneurs. We partner with some of Alberta’s top business industry experts including Grant Thornton, BDC and Dentons to provide resources on topics ranging from financing to buy or grow a business, legal considerations, contract development, and tax and audit services, to name a few.

My favourite part of the program, though, is the peer connections. I know how lonely it can be to run a business so having a group of people who understand and support you on both a personal and professional level is invaluable. I have seen over the years how these relationships grow and extend beyond the program. They provide an elevated level of confidence as leaders and an upsurge in drive when it comes to pursuing new ideas and opportunities.

None of us know what the future holds, but I am certain if we work on building it together, great things will be achieved! If you are ready to grow your business and your network, get in touch to see if the PeerSpark™ program is right for you.