Client Feature: Jeanette Many Guns


Jeanette Many Guns is a filmmaker and is the Owner and Operator of Many Guns Ranch and Adventures. Jeanette participated in the NextStep to Success Business Planning Series in Calgary.

For 20 years, Jeanette Many Guns has been offering trail rides and customized tours on horseback throughout Siksika Nation. Speaking passionately about the beauty and the history of her community, Jeanette explains that the many historical sites, close proximity to the Bow River, and breathtaking badlands, make Siksika a popular tour spot.  

“I had a lady from Europe that came and she couldn’t believe how we didn’t see anybody all day. The land that we go through is the same as it was 100 years ago; it hasn’t been touched. There’s so much history here at Siksika and it’s beautiful.”

It was her love of teaching about history and culture that inspired Jeanette to start a second business, this time in filmmaking. In 2015 she began creating educational films about Siksika. In addition to a series on the Blackfoot language, Jeanette has also made films sharing Blackfoot legends and stories.

Jeanette participated in the NextStep to Success program to help her get more organized and to improve her business plan. Her advice to others starting a business is to put their ideas down on paper.

 “Start off with a business plan. And have everything in writing. When you go to the banks, or to any company, they want to see everything in writing.”

When asked what she likes most about entrepreneurship, Jeanette says she enjoys the freedom of working for yourself and the ability to set your own timelines. Ultimately though, it comes down to achieving her goal of educating people. 

“When visitors come out I get to educate them on the Blackfoot history, our culture, our heritage, and our traditions. That feels good.”