Client Feature: Sophia Quewezance


Sophia Quewezance is an aspiring entrepreneur who is starting a fashion design company. She plans to design and sell t-shirts, swimsuits, and other clothing with Indigenous designs. Sophia participated in the NextStep to Success Business Planning Series in Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation.

Sophia Quewezance has always had a love for fashion, a passion that only increased when she began working as a model. It was walking the runway that she realized that she wanted to be designing the clothes, and not only wearing them.

Independent and ambitious from a young age, Sophia knew that entrepreneurship was the right choice for her. “I didn’t want to have a boss, I wanted to be the boss.”

Participating in the NextStep to Success Business Planning Series helped Sophia realize that with some strategic planning, her entrepreneurial dreams were well within her reach.

“The program taught me how to do things the right way and with compassion. Sometimes you run into dead ends but Bev (the program’s facilitator) showed me how you can get out of them and go a different way.”

Although she plans on running her business solo, Sophia turns to family for encouragement and inspiration. “My auntie is my absolute best friend and she pushes me to do everything and anything.” Her dad, a carpenter and entrepreneur himself, is another source of inspiration.

Running a business can be challenging, especially when you have a family, but for Sophia, her two young kids are just another strength. “My kids will totally help me. I want to dress them, and I want to dress my dog. My kids and my family inspire me.”

Right now, Sophia is focused on her designs, and executing her business plan. She plans to start operating her business online first, and then expand into selling at kiosks and powwows.

Her advice to other people considering starting a business?

“Don’t give up. Have faith in everything that you do.”