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The Ultimate Product Launch, Edmonton

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) has partnered with TEC Edmonton to bring:

The Ultimate Product Launch

What if you could harness the same power that giants like Apple, Amazon, and Nike use every day to build excitement and anticipation for their new products? You can, even if you are just starting out or an established company. Every new product or service deserves the energy and sales momentum of a scientific, structured, product launch. Do this properly, and you are more apt to build the anticipation and desire necessary to generate instant demand upon release.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Why the real secret to a powerful product launch is not in the actual launch itself

  • The top reasons new launches fail

  • Understanding the core motives of your target market

  • The purpose of building a lead magnet

  • How to construct a “tripwire” offer

  • How to create your value ladder

  • Creating the launch schedule: tips, tricks, and traps

  • Executing the Launch

  • Post Launch – Critical post steps to follow

Workshop length: 3 hours

$39.00 + GST and applicable fees.