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HR 201: Workplace Investigations – What you need to know when a complaint is made

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs has partnered with TEC Edmonton and Juna Consulting bring back a series of six essential Human Resource topics to small business owners as well as managers, supervisors or anyone who deals with HR capacity as a part of their organization.

Join us for breakfast and our next session in the HR 201 series focused on workplace investigations!

Human Resources professionals and managers need to conduct workplace investigations from time-to-time, yet many have never been shown how to properly lead one based on principles of natural justice. Whether it is following up on a harassment complaint, allegations of sexual misconduct, or bullying in the workplace, it is important to follow a fair process and make decisions that are organizationally sound.

Learning Objectives:

  • Respond to complaints/allegations in a timely way and use templates to gather critical information
  • Follow a fair and transparent process, inform parties of their rights & responsibilities without violating confidentiality of privacy
  • Sequence interviews that maximize information gathering
  • Examine parties effectively, using tailored question guides
  • Ask effective questions and listen for lies, etc.
  • Explain how to write a comprehensive and defensible report
  • Make sound decisions/judgments (weigh balance of probabilities)