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A Map to Innovation (Calgary)

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business, or looking to grow their existing business.

Imagine navigating a new city without your GPS. You would be lost! The Map to Innovation is your guide to building or growing your business. This 1.5 hour session includes several steps that will make innovation easy. You’ll learn about how important mindset is, how discipline and practice can help, and apply some creative ideas that are suited to your business.

At the end of this course, you will have several practical ways to help you to build an innovation, market it, and commercialize it. You will also feel more confident about getting started and be motivated to keep going.

This workshop is presented by Meeja Jalandoni, a Business Coach with a passion for innovation. She retired in 2014 as Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Banking and was also Chair of a strategic committee to build a culture of innovation. Since then, she has been working with entrepreneurs and business owners to become confident about building innovations and entrepreneurship! She is an engineer by education, a banker by profession and has spent her life finding “ways to make things better”.

Price: $39 + taxes and fees