Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a grant from you?

No, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs does not provide grants. There are a limited number of grants available from other sources and most of these programs are federally funded. For more information on grants, please visit the Canada Business Network.

How do I know when I need to borrow money for my business?

What is security?

AWE requires security on all loans. This means that we ask applicants to pledge some type of asset as collateral for the loan. AWE works closely with our loan clients to ensure the health and viability of the business. In the case that the borrower cannot make the payments of the loan, AWE can take possession of the asset used as collateral to regain some, or all, of the amount originally loaned.

AWE requires a minimum of 30% security on our loans. This amount differs depending on the size, risk, and purpose of the loan.

What is equity?

With our loan program, AWE requires that the applicant will contribute a minimum, or have contributed a minimum, of 25% owner equity on the total project costs. This means we require all applicants to show that they will be putting, or already have put, money into their business toward the project costs, and then AWE can help them with the remaining 75% of project costs. By contributing at least 25% of the total costs, you are displaying that you are willing to take on some risk as well.

Why should I know my credit score, and how do I find out what it is?