About The Program

PeerSpark is a business accelerator program that combines practical, multi-disciplinary curriculum with support and learning from peers. The program offers expert coaching in a safe and supportive environment of other women entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their ventures.

PeerSpark has given me the
confidence to take the big leaps
needed to grow my business.
They’ve taught me all I need to
know to make sound financial
decisions, the hard HR choices
and which priority to focus on
next. Most importantly it has given
me a network of amazing women
to provide support, friendship
and inspiration.

- Deidra Helmig, Founder/Senior Safety Consultant at Boreal Services Group

 PeerSpark™ can help you and your business grow by providing:

  • Encouragement and support. Entrepreneurship can be lonely; PeerSpark™ builds a community of your peers – other women who understand what you are going through and are experiencing similar challenges.

  • Access to resources. You will receive personalized advice and learn from expert coaches.

  • Increased confidence in your business decisions. Knowledge is power; you don't have to do everything in your business but it is important to understand all aspects so that you can make informed decisions.

  • Multi-disciplinary learning. No entrepreneur is a master of all trades. Fill the gaps in your decision making as you increase your knowledge of strategic planning, financial planning, operations, human resources, and other topics.

Ready to invest in yourself and your organization's success?

We are currently recruiting for our Fall 2019 intake. Please send us an email at if you would like to be considered for the program or complete this form.