Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Start Up Workshops

Start-Up Workshops

Let's Start Your Business Plan - Workshop Series

If you have a specific business idea, or you’ve been in business for a few years but have never written a business plan, this series is for you. These sessions introduce you to the essential components of a good business plan. Each session will help you move forward in your business with confidence starting with learning how to conduct informative marketing research for your business, outlining a basic marketing strategy to reach your best customer, and exploring how to create financial plans that will support business viability. 

Session 1: Let’s Start Market Research for your Business Plan

Presented in partnership with Business Link, the market research session will teach you about primary and secondary research, and help you understand why this information is vital for your business concept and business plan as a whole.

Session 2: Let’s Start Your Marketing Plan

You have done your research and know who your ideal customer is, have insight into your competition and have analyzed your industry. In this session, we will get you started on developing a basic outline of your marketing strategy. From creating your elevator pitch communication describing your business concept to potential customers, to understanding how to select effective marketing activities to reach your customer, this session will help you begin setting up a solid marketing plan.

Session 3: Let’s Start Your Financial Plan

Creating financial forecasts for your business can be a daunting task to accomplish on your own. This session will help you understand the basics of completing a financial plan focused on your projected cash flow statements, and also outlining the basics of your income statement and balance sheet. We will also cover some considerations to make when setting prices for your products, revenue forecasting methods and ratio analysis of your projected statements.

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NextStep to Success

Program for Indigenous Women

The NextStep to Success Business Planning Series is designed to provide guidance, expertise, and peer mentoring at an early start-up phase of business to women who are ready to develop a comprehensive business plan that could be used for financing purposes. The unique circle delivery format has been developed specifically to meet the needs of Indigenous women. Final business plans can be submitted for review and feedback. We work in partnership with local band and economic development agencies to deliver the training series.

Please contact us at to inquire about hosting the series in your community. 

Learn more about NextStep to Success and the women who have participated in the program.

Start-Up Resources

AWE has written a guide to help you assess whether or not entrepreneurship is for you and if your business idea is a good one. You can download the guide here.