Building A Resilient Business

Now more than ever resilience is the key to surviving challenging and changing times in business.


Resilient businesses (and business owners) are better able to manage change, deal with crisis, collaborate and manage the challenges that get in the way of success.  Resilience is like a bank account, you have to keep depositing into the account for wealth to accumulate.  If you take withdrawals without making deposits, the account will run dry. The same is true for resilience.

Charmaine Hammond, expert in leadership, and business success will be sharing strategies for resilience in business at the upcoming AWE conference. 

When businesses are not resilient there are a number of difficulties that can (and likely will) occur, many that can be catastrophic for business success.  Businesses lacking resilience are likely to:

·       Experience high degrees of wasted time and energy, duplicated efforts and inefficiencies.

·       Jeopardize relationships and communication with clients, and customers.

·       Make costly mistakes.

·       Experience more conflict, turnover and personnel issues, and,

·       Make reactive or emotionally based decisions instead of well-planned decisions.

There’s good news!

These results are avoidable and resilience is teachable.

As a leader, these 3 consistent actions can boost the resilience in your life and business.

1.     Take at least 30 minutes each day to refill your resilience bank account. That could be simple activities like a walk outside, a hobby, reading a good (not work related) book.  This “ME” time goes a long way in re-energizing you.

2.     Bookend your day. Frame your day in the morning. Decide how you want to show up. Set one goal you must achieve.  End your day in a meaningful way (not checking email or doing work minutes before bed). 

3.     Watch your language. Are you saying things like “I am too busy”, “I can’t keep up”, “I’m exhausted.” The words we say and think frame how we show up and ultimately the results we experience. Instead consider statements like “I have energy to get my most important priorities done”, “I can ask for help when the list gets too big” and “the pace I am choosing allows me maximum efficiency.”

At the Conference Charmaine will share what it takes to supercharge your results and business success without stress. 

Learning Day is less than a month away. Have you got your tickets yet?