Learning Day Workshop Options

Workshop #1 (Choose One)

Taming Your Squirrels: How to Get Stuff Done and Hold Yourself Accountable; Jenifer Horvath, AWE

  • As an entrepreneur, you have a never-ending to-do list plus a list of ideas to try.  You switch between working on your business and in your business hourly. There isn’t enough time to get it all done and that makes you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Sound familiar?  This session gives you practical ways to get more stuff done, reduce procrastination, and manage overwhelm. You’ll walk away with easy productivity and mindset methods to implement immediately.

Lean Mean Growth Machine - How to Grow As Efficiently As Possible; Wendy Muise, Ground Floor Labs

  • Are you looking to grow your business but you don’t know all of the variables involved?  Considering a new product offering? Maybe a new location? A new revenue model? Adopting a new technology?  Are you trying to determine which road will have the most reward with the least resistance? Perhaps you are okay with a bit more elbow grease if the outcome is going to be demonstrably better? Wondering how you can effectively and efficiently evaluate many of these choices? Lean methodologies are being used by the most innovative industries/companies in the world.  Lean is not just for tech start-ups anymore, these principles are being adopted by industry giants like GE, Pfizer, and Nike.

Unleashing Your Brand: How to Stand Out, Nadine Morris, Powerhouse Marketing

  • If someone asked you to describe what your brand stands for, in two sentences or less, would you be able to? Are you positioning your brand in the strongest way to potential customers? Does your brand resonate with or is meaningful to people? Branding is often one of the most overlooked areas for entrepreneurs, new and experienced alike. And yet, defining your brand is the first crucial step on any marketing journey! In this workshop, you will explore: what every business owner should know about their brand, how to unleash what makes your brand exceptional, the hallmarks of a truly relevant brand and tricks that the biggest global brands use to build recognition.

Workshop #2 (Choose One)

Dealing with Difficult Personalities; Julianna Cantwell, JUNA Consulting

  • Studies have shown that we spend ~3 hours a week dealing with conflict in the workplace, and the #1 reason is due to different personalities (working styles).  Learn what makes you tick...understand yourself and your leadership style, and gain insight into how to work more effectively with your clients, your team members! Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to: Identify their dominant personality style and default communication style, understand their preferences when working with others, both individually and on a team and adapt their style to facilitate meaningful communication.

Unique financing options to grow your business and how to share your story; facilitated by Alternative Funding Specialists and Entrepreneur Strategists from ATB Financial

  • What is the one thing that all businesses need? Financing. And in this world, your well rounded business may not fit into the tiny square box that some banks require in order to approve lending. Enter: Unique financing solutions from ATB. In this workshop, you’ll learn about alternative financing options from ATB, such as government backed business loans, LendR, and BoostR, as well as how to build the ideal pitch.

Let it Shine! How to Effectively Communicate Your Brand; Stephanie Woods, Powerhouse Marketing

  • You’ve established your brand – who you are, what you stand for and what your personality is – so now what? How do you communicate it to your target audience? In this workshop, you will learn: the difference between earned, owned and paid mediums, the various communication mediums you can use, and when to use each (e-newsletter, infographic, social media, blog, press release, etc.), the elements of effective messaging, how to stay authentic to your brand’s voice and personality.

Workshop #3 (Choose One)

Understanding Digital Marketing; Dana DiTomaso, Kick Point

  • Marketers are great at marketing — unfortunately for you, that means that sometimes you get the steak, and sometimes you just get the sizzle. In this session, Dana will cover how to determine if a digital marketing agency is right for you and what you need to know before hiring one— including a list of questions you absolutely have to ask. After this session, you'll understand which digital marketing metrics are useful and which just make agencies look "good". You'll have a better understanding of what makes a budget realistic and you will be prepared to make a smarter investment in your overall marketing strategy.

Let's Talk Customers; Chelsey Tattrie, NABi

  • How do you get customers to tell you what they want? Short answer: ask them. Using learnings from Robin Lawton’s C3 framework, we will discuss the three questions that will help you connect with your customers. You will leave with a plan that will help you understand what your customers are trying to achieve by working with you.

Planning for Profit; Taunya Woods Richardson, Epifany Financial Group

  • Planning for Profit shows you how to become a best-in-sector performer, working towards a 10 to 20 percent net profit margin. Through a shockingly simple process, this workshop will have you asking yourself, why wasn’t I doing this earlier? Participants will discover the three simple steps to generating bottom line profitability, while paying yourself more and doing less.